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 Coached Athletes Testimonials 




"Brennan's been coaching me for nearly 2 years now.  I've been fell running and adventure racing since my mid-30s (I'm now 53) and having a coach for the first time has been a revelation.  My focus has been longer events but also mixing in some shorter fell races - and dealing with the injuries, wear & tear that accumulate over the years.  Brennan's expertise, insight and thoroughness in creating me a plan that works around a very intense job has been seriously impressive.  He inspires trust and under his guidance I'm a fitter, stronger, more balanced and happier runner.  In the last year I've run fell races at PB pace (as fast as I've been for 10-15 years), come in the top 20% at the Lakes Traverse and been course fastest finisher at the Great Lakeland 3 Day. I never imagined I'd be able to perform at this level at this age and I've no doubt that the main reason is Brennan's coaching."

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As a lifelong running FV55, I was looking for a new challenge and ultras have been my ambition for such a long time. Looking for a coaching team with ultra experience, High Peak fitted the bill.


Kat has revolutionised my rather haphazard training in the last 6 months introducing a periodised plan including strength work, cycling, walking (oh yes!), hills (although I live in Essex and our hills don’t quite match up to Kat’s) and proper rest and recovery. An ultra calendar plan has focused me on the key events I want to do whilst steadily increasing race distance. All balanced around my work and family commitments.


Kat is very accessible and monitors daily sessions with regular feedback, support and when needed the occasional pep talk. So far I have enjoyed my first 50k, lost a stone in weight and knocked 4 minutes of my 10k time and am working towards a 43 miler later this month and 50 mile race later in the season. I’ve also spotted a local 75 miler in the autumn but Kat doesn’t know about that one yet!



“A year ago the idea of finishing UTS 100 was a goal that was simply unachievable for me, injury after injury made my first year or two of running a nightmare. The greatest thing I did was join Kat over at high peak running, she’s taken me from strength to strength and conditioned me to a 7th place finish at a massive mountain race, kept me injury free and pushed me to levels I could not have achieved on my own. Thank you Kat, you’re my strongest asset!”


It has been a pleasure working with Brennan and High Peak Running, I started running in 2021 and being in my 40s I wanted to make sure that I did things "right" especially as I just reduced my weight from over 23 stone and I didnt want to risk any long term layoffs and have my weight yo-yo again. I set some lofty goals and challenges as competition has always been something that has motivated me. Rather than saying these goals were out of reach, Brennan has guided me into make these achievable and has helped with setting the stepping stones to achieve these. Like a lot of runners, races like UTMB and the Dragons back are dreams and for myself I can now see they are achievable in the next few years, which looking at where I have come from is unbelievable.


It is not just training that Brennan and High Peak Running have helped me with, being a complete novice I had no idea about kit and what to do at events etc. and Brennan has provided valuable insight on what I should to to prepare for events in terms of recceing the routes, nutrition to try and kit to use. He has even helped me with what shoes to wear which could suit my strange (wide) foot shape. In addition to this when I have been unsure of anything Brennan has helped, answering questions like does he have an recommendations for a physio, as I found finding a good one isnt just google search away. Other aspects that may seem minor to experienced runners like when to push harder and when to ease off the training have all been answered and nothing has been to much trouble.


I am incredibly pleased to have gone from zero to completing the Copper Skytrail, UTS 50 and the Lap in my first year of trail running and I have not been just completing these events, I have been in the middle of pack, which I still find unbelievable. This year we have more events planned which still seem way above my current capability but I know if I follow the advice and the coaching I am receiving that we will get there.


“A perfect day for a half marathon . Weirdly I was more excited about this race than any I’ve ever done - probably due to the fact this was the first time I’d ever properly trained for one so I put myself under more pressure . I had also lost my running confidence and working with Kat since April has seen this come back in spades.

So was the training worth it? It so was . I was way more confident than I had ever felt , and that’s a great feeling thanks to my fab coach Kat . She’s talked me through the course and how to handle it and that gave me such confidence .

So what’s next ? Can’t wait to get the next race booked in. Next year I want to be doing a 50 miler”

Hamish 2nd in this years Cheviot Goat Race

High Peak Running Athlete Hamish 2nd in this years Cheviot Goat Race.​

“Well I surprised myself a little in this race. Due to Brennans structured coaching and advice I was able to achieve this position, so thank you. For perspective in 2019 I ran this race (a shorter route with less elevation) and came 16th , this was before working with Brennan. The training has been tailored to suite my work commitments which maximises available time and the terrain at hand.”


"Having started running only a few years ago by completing a Couch to 5k course & then joining a local running club, I completed a season of competitions with my club & found that I loved trail running & soon became drawn to exploring fells & trails. 

I decided to find a coach who could help me develop my strength, hill running & general fell experience so that I could continue to improve & be able to start ticking off bucket list races, challenges & experiences. 

Being coached by Kat has been a great experience, I have learnt a lot & have definitely become stronger without burning myself out - something that used to happen a lot in the past. The variety of the sessions set for me keep me engaged & stop me switching off or getting bored & I really love that about my training program, I'm the sort of person that needs diversity & challenges & the training always delivers that. It really is personalised  around your fitness, ability, goals & also family life/work commitments. I've also enjoyed learning about fuelling & this is an area I feel much more confident in thanks to Kat as I was a complete beginner in this area. 

Kat has consistently given me encouragement, feedback & shown confidence in my ability, helping me build my own confidence & belief in myself along the way. I can highly recommend Kat & High Peak Running to help you with whatever goals you have & whatever level you're at."


Carlisle half done it and smashed a pb along the way too. Coach (Kat) wanted to see I'm at now. Can't thank High Peak Running enough my training has been going great after injury.. Count down for Boston Marathon 2022 💙💛💙
Anyone looking for a coach I highly recommend High Peak Running.

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“After a few months training with Kat at High Peak Running, I had a great race at the Langdale Horse Shoe Fell Race, finishing with a very good time for me. I can see clear improvements in my fitness and pace, and at the same time a massive reduction in injuries, which, let's face it we all want to avoid. Thanks for all the help and guidance.”