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Train hard on the run and recover on the bike

Our weekly training involves a lot of running, workouts and healthy (most of the time) diet. But in the last few weeks I have lost my running motivation. I am simply scared to go outside for a run. Being running coach myself I know exactly what is happening to me...I am in state of lethargy and depression.

One minute I am setting goals, reaching new milestones in my training, getting faster and stronger, and I was on the top of the world! Then all of a sudden Covid-19. First of all I have lost my job, wedding got postponed till June 2021.

So after feeling sorry for myself I came up with the plan. I have changed my goals, my training plan. I am no longer concentrating on getting faster or stronger, I am concentrating to get happier and enjoy my life as much as I can in fast changing world. It's hard, it's hard for everyone. It's harder for some more than others. We are alive we must celebrate life, embrace and promote happiness.

My new training plan involves train hard on the run and recover on the bike. I have tried that for the last two weeks and found myself more motivated than I have ever been before. Run-bike training is not for everyone. For me running=competition and racing, cycling=fun and easy riding. So if you are comfortable on your bike and thinking that cycling is a fun activity then you might like to try this training plan.

Last week we had our fun cycle ride around Skiddaw Range.

Keep on training. If you feel less motivated speak to your coach. Speak to your wife, your husband or friends. We all in similar boat. We all can help each other to get through without massive negative impacts on our life's. Keep on running, cycling or just walking.

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